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Oct 31, 2008

Oh! It's A Halloween Party!

Consider yourself invited to my Virtual Party! A Merry Hallowe'en to Ye!

I don't know who made the above animation, but it sure is cute!

I'm serving hot cider and sherbet island punch (which I am naive enough to believe is very elegant) for the drinks...I have vintage "Vaseline" glasses and tin cups both, take your's your little party favor, so choose one you'd like to take home with you...

Enjoy your choice of cheeses arranged on my very best but severely mismatched old china plates...

Salad with champagne dressing and THREE KINDS of croutons (now we're living!)...

By the way, I just LOVE your costume! If you get a chance, tell our readers what you're wearing! I'm a Rose Witch, of course...

Help yourself to a big bowl of hot and sour spooky soup...with whole boiled eggs floating in it for the "ghosts"...

Of course you're saving room for the pumpkin and pecan pies, aren't you?

What??? You didn't see the chips and dips? There is a GALLON of guacamole and French Onion, dears!

And who can't fit in a few meringues or a bit of fudge?

I have pumpkins for everyone to carve, and a little party game using Venn Diagrams...yes, let's get some math into the party! Aren't teachers irritating?!

Shall we sit by the outdoor fireplace and enjoy the flickering of candles in our jack o'lantern creations? Good! A bit more cider?

Thank you for coming, dear blog readers...come back by the blog tomorrow and see the new Winter Graphics address...Fare Thee Well till then, from me, Holly Rose!

And click the thumbnail for the larger game you can print...once the bigger image loads, you can click again on most browsers to see it full size, or just save it or print it fits on a regular piece of paper.


Caution Flag said...

Sounds like a winner! Be there soon, and I'll be the one in the blond wig :)

Rosemary said...

Sounds like fun!
Happy Halloween!
Thanks for a month of wonderful graphics.
Enjoy your weekend!

W. said...

Thanks for the invite~! I want a little tin cup for my party favor! Everything tastes good out of an old tin cup! I'm dressed up as a mouse queen, by the way, all in gray with a silver crown! I'll be the one hanging around your cheese platter! LOL! Have a great day!

Living on the Spit said...

Thank you for your wonderful graphics. I am so looking forward to seeing what comes our way in the next couple of months!!!

A big fan.


Nydia said...

Oh your party was delightful, Rose Witch! I loved everything, from the ponch (which I also consider very classy!), to the decoration! Thanks for the compliments on my Witch of Oz costume, it was so easy to find the right things to get it ready - only the makeup was hard, this green mask is hot!
I'll take with me the green little tin cup, thanks.

Oh, my spotted little witch will love the printable game!!

Thanks for such a fun time!


Tammy of Lurksville said...


I've been nosing around Blogland and this is the first Partay I've come too...

Me...I'm dressed as a princess...I have long purple hair and a lovely tiara...don't want to scare the kiddo's when I give out candy later.
then later still...
my hair will turn scarlet and black as I attend a local OH-IO party...

Nothing beats a party that is for sure!
Thanks for all of your efforts both for the party and for your lovely blog that I enjoy. I use some of the graphics on my private family only blog ;D

Have a happy and safe week-end!

ShabbyGal said...

Found your party, thank you! I guess I'm coming as a pirate lady!