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Sep 30, 2008

Have A Very Mice Fall

Here we have two little mice who are very interested in some pumpkins they have found. My original design. Perhaps these are rats, not mice. No matter; I love them both.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy. If you like this blog, please help spread the word about it. Thank you.

My apologies to those waiting for free custom work. I am overloaded and flying in and out of town to teacher events. I'm scared even to look at my inbox. If this week's posts have problems, I will not be able to fix them until I am back in town on Saturday. As you may recall, I make these graphics a week in advance and set them to post automatically.

Sep 29, 2008

Haunted House in Orange and Black: Free Clipart

I caught a glimpse of a cute votive holder in the store the other day, then came home and tried to draw it from memory.

Here's my version. Right-click to save. When you save, you can rename it and place it on your computer as you like, then upload it later to your website or your own Photobucket or other account.

Hope you enjoy.

Sep 26, 2008

Little Harvest Angel Clipart

Here's a little angel in harvest colors.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 25, 2008

Spooky Vintage Witch Art in Today's Colors

Purple has really come into its own as a Halloween color. Here is another vintage cardboard cutout, altered a bit and redone in purple and black.

This witch is no spring crow. I would say she and her broom have travelled many millions of miles!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy!

Sep 24, 2008

Witch Gal Rides Again: Free Witch Clipart!

I guess you can tell that I'm partial to my little witch gal. Here she is taking another broom ride, on a design based on a vintage card.

Have you noticed how many vintage cards have that red background for Halloween and autumn? I think red was once much more prominent at Halloween.

Right-click to save this Halloween clip art. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 23, 2008

Primitive Pilgrim Pumpkin Clip Art, Free As Always

Something a bit different today, a bit primitive in style: Here we have a pumpkin wearing a pilgrim hat, complete with buckle and a few pip berries.

I think it would be cute to dress up in a pilgrim costume for Halloween!

And, a few mini-buttons to celebrate the start of autumn! It's finally here!

I had a long post prepared, complete with horror stories of work and all the scary students in my classroom. Alas, Internet Explorer ate my post. It's just as well, I think.

Right-click to save any of the following graphics. Hope you enjoy this clipart. The word "Autumn" is fuzzyish in the last graphic. My eyes are tired. Argh.

Sep 22, 2008

Free Cat Eyes Graphic

This is taken from a photo of one of my cats as he peeked through an opening in our fence.

This cat, although fully grown, weighs only 4 pounds. He's tiny, but he's feisty. He's a rescue, of course. He was very ill when I found him, but is well now and believe me, he is SPOILED. And he deserves every bit of it!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 19, 2008

More Free Halloween Clip Art: Cat and Pumpkin

From an old cardboard cut-out, may I present my altered version of a black cat and pumpkin.

I love the vintage Halloween stuff.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy the clipart.

Sep 18, 2008

Free Halloween Black Cat on Transparent Background

Most browsers can display images where portions of the image are transparent. I have mirrored my black cat drawing and put him on a transparent background. If your browser doesn't display transparency at all, he will appear to be sitting against an orange background.

At best, he'll just be sitting against the background color of the page. At worst, he'll have an orange "halo" around him.

It's a mystery to me whether this will work, as I upload everything on the weekend and schedule the posts to automatically publish during the following week!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 17, 2008

Grungy Pumpkin Clipart for Autumn Scrapbooking

A bit of a change from my silhouettes is this grungy pumpkin and bittersweet vine. It isn't just a Halloween graphic but can be used throughout fall for blogs or scrapping.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 16, 2008

Bats Over Free Halloween Graphics and Clipart?

Here's a flying bat in orange and black for your blog, for scrapping, or for a webpage.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 15, 2008

Whooo Else Likes Owls? Free Halloween Graphic

Here's a little owl in black and orange to brighten a scrapbook, blog or website. Might make a cute card, too.

I've been having fits with these images. Whenever possible, I'm using the png format. I like it much better than the jpg format, and I think you'll find my pngs are much clearer than the jpgs. The jpgs lose too much quality when I save my creations drawn in Paint Shop Pro, the program I use. The pngs are a bit bigger, but I think they'll still load quickly.

Hope you enjoy. Right-click to save.

Sep 12, 2008

Bobbing for Apples, Elegantly

Here's an altered version of a very lovely old postcard.

I had this up on another blog, but discontinued that blog to concentrate on this one. So, you may have seen this version already.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 11, 2008

Vintage Pumpkin-Head Scarecrow

Another vintage image, altered and ready to perk up a blog or website. The original was very torn and faded with a bunch of glare on it.

I really like those old pressed-cardboard cutouts. They have proved surprisingly durable, too!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 10, 2008

Black Cat Halloween Graphic

This drawing is based on one of my cats.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 9, 2008

Free Halloween Animation: Pumpkin Patch Sign

I painted a little sign for my pumpkin patch and have it outside, although the vines have taken over that part of the yard and no sign is really needed at this point! It's a rather beat-up looking sign.

I took a photo of it and made it into a little animation. Right-click to save.

Hope you enjoy.

Sep 8, 2008

Vintage-Style Skull Free Halloween Graphic

Following one of the suggestions, here is an old-timey skull, altered from an old (probably U.S.) cardboard cutout. Not too scary -- I don't like scary stuff.

There are several sizes.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 6, 2008

And the Winner Is...


First my son was at work, then out with his friend, then back in but eating, so I finally grabbed him and said, "Pull a name out of this shoebox!"

Farmgirl, send me an email via skullblossom(at) and I'll send your choice of the earrings or cake to you!

MANY THANKS for all the great suggestions. I just created a black cat to put up on Monday. I do all my graphics on Saturday and Sunday because I am too rushed/tired to do any during the week. You know how it at work, and then work at home, too...hardly a minute to days are 10 hours long at work to start with...ARGH! But I'm glad to be employed in this shaky economy!

I'll be running more little contests in the weeks to come...

Sep 5, 2008

Not A Ghost of A Chance

From a little wool felt purse I made, a scanned image of a ghost. This is good to make if you can't sew with a machine. I can only hand-sew.

Free for Halloween, of course. Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

To make the purse, I sewed 2 rectangles of felt together, blanket-stitching the sides and adding a bead each stitch. Then I turned the top down about 1 inch and again stitched with matching thread to strengthen where I'd add the strap and to give some body to the top. Then I blanket-stitched some felt cut-outs to the front and added a braided shoulder strap of wool yarn. I should have stitched the cut-outs on BEFORE I put the two rectangles together, though. The bats have seed bead eyes, and so does the ghost.

Still exhausted. Teaching the unteachable is distressing. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, students these same ages, with many more burdens in their lives, would love the chance to learn.

Sep 4, 2008

O Pumpkin Tree, O Pumpkin Tree

Right-click to save this free Halloween graphic, made in the style of the 1960's.

Hope you enjoy. Still exhausted and going to bed while the sun is still up!

Will draw winner of the suggestion contest Saturday. Please check back to see if you won!

Sep 3, 2008

Free Autumn Graphics: Pumpkins

Thanks for the ideas! I truly appreciate them.

Here is just a little graphic I scanned from a drawing I did. I saw another artist paint pumpkins on a turquoise background and really thought it looked great, so tried it myself.

It looks better in person. My scanner is so complex that I don't do as well with it as I did with the little "plain" one I had.

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 2, 2008

Free Halloween Graphics: Something to Crow About

Here's a version of the black feather tree I posted yesterday.

I am enjoying the ideas for Halloween graphics my readers are kind enough to offer. Please make some more suggestions! Some ideas are just grand, but beyond my modest skills, I'm afraid. I have a new drawing tablet, and the learning curve to operate it, combined with the beginning of the school year, is just exhausting. But I hope I'm able to make quite a few of the suggestions so far.

Post a suggestion on this post, too, and I'll put your name into the hat (again or for the first time) for the earrings, cake or kit. Good luck to all; my son will do the honors of drawing (since he's impartial and thinks all of this Halloween and autumn stuff is quite silly!).

I'll just warn you: I am so tired that tomorrow, the graphic is likely to be this same tree, with the crows wearing witch hats. *sigh* I'm just beat!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.

Sep 1, 2008

Autumn Sampling

Some rustic and autumny things. The earrings are primitive in style, and the little "cake" can be made easily with some dollar-store flowers, hot glue, and a small piece of styrofoam.

This is an undated version of the feather tree crow I put up earlier; someone was asking for undated versions of the graphics, and I will oblige.

O Raven Tree, O Raven Tree! Halloween Graphics

To-day is a "teacher work day" at school. The students don't attend, but we had to put in some hours. I arrive early and leave late every day anyway.

Right-click to save this free Halloween tree graphic. I'd love to get my hands on a black feather tree this year.

Hope you enjoy.