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Jun 30, 2008

Whooooo Wants Primitive Owls?

Today, a website graphic and an Etsy shop banner for the owl fans.

I loved owls when they were considered passe and will keep on loving them as they pass through their cycles of popularity and unpopularity.

We have many burrowing owls out here. They pop right out of the prairie dog tunnels and stand on their long, long legs, scowling gently. They give a cry much like the cry of the "dogs." I know, they eat little mices, which I also love...

Left-click the thumbnail, then right-click and save the larger graphic.
Keep those requests coming! Thanks!

Jun 29, 2008

Etsy Banner Example

Here is a custom banner for an Etsy seller who is going to try her hand at selling earrings.

Primitive Birdies and Twigs Etsy Banners

Here are two Etsy banners, 760 x 100 pixels, ready to be personalized and used for a shop.

I show them with two different backgrounds so that you can see how very different they can look with one simple change.

In the 60's, primitive designs were often colored in the most vivid of tones, but clearly, the graphics were still primitive. Now, many choose to use subdued colors. During Victorian times, vivid colors were also the vogue, followed by more sedate tones later. What goes around comes around!

As always, click on the thumbnail, let the larger image load, then right-click and save the banner onto your own computer.

Jun 28, 2008

A Note about the Graphics

Our blog is set to display a border around the graphics we post. It's showing as a dark brown border.

That border is NOT on the actual free banner or header! It's just something to make it pop out on the blog. So don't worry, you are not stuck with a chocolate-brown border! I love brown, but not THAT much!

Requested Etsy Shop Banners!

We are so excited around here you can't believe it. We're never up this early on a Saturday! We have received 2 requests for banners and avatars! So here they are below.

Many, many thanks to those who have bothered to look at our site. At first I was ready to scream when I found my little sister is going around drumming up viewers for us. Argh! But now I'm glad. Seamus is making her a banner because she wants to try to sell her jewelry on Etsy. I've warned her that I hear it's very tough on Etsy in the jewelry niche. She makes a lot of chainmail and vintage earrings (really long).

Thanks for stopping by. For the avatars, just right-click right on them and save them. They are not clickable thumbnails.

From a few weeks back, understated and elegant yet eyecatching:

And now 2 avatars, one with a lilac-gray border and one without, and let us know if you want your shop name on the banner. I think later today I will put up some samples of cool fonts so people can get some ideas of which to choose for their shop names.

Jun 27, 2008

Homespun Welcome -- Free Etsy Shop Banner

It's just an Etsy sort of week! Today's free Etsy banner has a homespun feel, as if it's made of wool and cotton.

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save the bigger image that will appear.

Did you know...Fall 2008's "trendy colors" were picked two years ago? And that Christmas 2009's trends were chosen back in January at a giant trade show in Germany?

But...sometimes, designers and manufacturers are left scrambling because of a grassroots trend. This is where the handcrafter can really do well, since we are able to immediately create using the suddenly popular color or style. So, keep your eye out for this autumn's and winter's likely trends and be ready to incorporate them into your own designs. It can be as simple as adding trims in the "must have" color!

Thanks for stopping by.

Jun 26, 2008

Welcome Friends to A Free Etsy Shop Banner!

Ah, autumn. The beginning of the really great selling season! Here is a 760 x 100 pixel banner that is perfect for welcoming people to your shop.

It's seasonal, it has that special "prim" touch, and it's free!

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save onto your own computer. It's easy to have a custom Etsy banner!

Jun 25, 2008

Free Etsy Banner or Blog Header in Cool Tones

This banner has a definite "scrapping" feel to it. Hope you enjoy!

Click the thumbnail, then right-click the larger image that will appear, and save to your own computer. It's very easy!

Jun 24, 2008

"Welcome Prim Friends" Free Etsy Shop Banner!

This would be cute for a shop banner or on a website. It is a good choice for the beginning prim crafter, who might not yet know the direction they wish to go. It definitely says "I'm prim!" but it isn't limiting at all. Dolls, cards, plaques -- it fits with anything you make.

I truly treasure the friends I've made that share my love of primitive crafting. No matter the material we work in -- cloth, wool, paint, paper mache, wood or clay -- we all agree on one thing: Primitives are wonderful!

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save to your own computer.

Jun 23, 2008

Free Etsy Banner -- Autumn "New This Season"

It's fun to use special seasonal banners to announce sales, new stock, and new themes in your Etsy store or on your own website.

This 760 x 100 banner is sized for Etsy, or can be used anywhere. Candy corn and autumn leaves give it a festive feeling. Perfect for primitive-makers, too!

Most of us who make handmade items see our sales jump during September. That's when I begin a big push to make my store, blog, and website all reflect the excitement of autumn and the soon-to-follow winter holidays. One of the easiest ways is to put some graphics on your site. No matter what you're selling, it seems fresher, more up-to-date when you add that seasonal touch.

Click, then right-click and save the larger image onto your own computer. And by using Picasa or other free graphics program, you can use any of our banners and make your very own "clip art" out of them and place the images in your website. Happy crafting and e-selling!

Jun 22, 2008

Free Blog Graphics: More Sidebars

Here are a few more sidebar graphics. They are already perfectly sized at 220 x 100 pixels, and are in .png format.

Please see our earlier post about how easy it is to customize your blog or website with these sidebar images!

You can right-click right on these and save to your computer, then easily upload them. No HTML or XHTML knowledge is required. The second image has a transparent background so that it will instantly match any layout.

Jun 21, 2008

Free Etsy Shop Banner -- Sleeping Baby!

Here we have a sleepy-head, perfect for your Etsy store that caters to parents! Or use it as a header for your blog or website...the precious baby is a copyright-free long-ago image from Norway. I love vintage images and am always glad to "rescue" them.

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click the larger image and save onto your own computer.

Jun 20, 2008

New! Free "Sidebar" Graphics Make It Easy to Customize Your Blogger or WP Blogs!

Something new and easy in terms of customizing your blog or website -- 220 x 100 pixel images that can be placed in your sidebar! These fast-loading images give a custom graphics touch to your blog but require absolutely no skill in HTML.

Right-click and save any of the images below onto your own computer. Placing them on your desktop is an easy way to find them again.

In Blogger, simply click on "Layout" and add a Page Element to the side column -- a picture -- and "Browse" on your computer to find the image to use. With these graphics, you don't even need to check the "Shrink to Fit" box because they are already sized right. But if you use a DIFFERENT graphic from elsewhere, you may need to click that "Shrink to Fit" box (try to choose rectangular graphics so it fits well when it is reduced) worries. Drag the Page Element to either the FIRST (or SECOND if you feel you must add a Text Page Element above it) place in your column if it isn't there already. For blogs without a custom header, I'd definitely add it in FIRST place, right at the top of the column. On ours, with the big custom header there already, we put it in second place, or it would look like it was crowding the header.

Now you can give a custom touch to your Blogger blogs, or any blog, for that matter.

One of these images has a transparent background, allowing your blog's background to show through and make it instantly "match" your layout. You can't get easier than that!

Hope you enjoy!

Jun 19, 2008

Free Etsy Shop Banner: Primitive Doll

For the primitive and country artists out there: A little primitive doll banner -- it would be cute to add the words "Autumn Sale" or "Free Shipping" or something along those lines to kickstart the fall buying season in August. Until that time, I think it's best to be sewing and painting like mad, getting READY to list items, rather than be trying to fight the summer buying doldrums by listing dolls that will only sit there and cost you money.

I am really into pumpkin raggedies this year, and rag dolls with orange hair. Hope they sell!

Click the thumbnail, then right-click and save onto your own computer. You know, over at Photobucket, even the free accounts let you add type and alter sizes, colors, etc -- get yourself an account if you don't already have one! It's easy!

Jun 18, 2008

Free Etsy Shop Banner: Little Doll

Another banner suitable for Etsy shops selling kids' items or dolls and toys.

Click the thumbnail. It will enlarge in a new window and then you can right-click and save onto your own computer!

It's easy to add your shop name, with your Paint program or the free Picasa program.

You can also download a free trial of Paint Shop Pro. That's the program we use. If you give it a try, we bet you'll love it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jun 17, 2008

Free Etsy or Website Baby Banner!

Ah, this one is so cute...three little baby faces brighten up this free banner or header. In png format, 760 x 100 pixels. It's perfect for your babies or child-related Etsy shop or website. Sweet little kids!

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save the larger banner.

Don't forget that we're happy to make you a matching avatar or sidebar, free of charge!

Jun 16, 2008

Have A Cuppa: Free WordPress Header/Graphic

A vintage image perfect for an elegant blog header or website graphic. This one lends itself to both blogging and business.

I can really see this as the header on an handcrafting blog, or reduced to be an Etsy shop banner. Always have a blog, and keep up with it, if you are a crafter or artisan. People want to know something about the person behind the creations.

Hope you enjoy! Click the thumbnail, then right-click the larger image and save to your computer.

Jun 15, 2008

Free Wordpress Header: Groovy Owl Flower Power

A retro-owl for your website or WordPress blog. This is the standard "Kubrick" size and can be resized for smaller spots.

Dig the far-out colors. Put my teeth right on edge, they do. But in a good way.

Click the thumbnail, then right-click the large banner and save to your computer.

Jun 14, 2008

Free Winter Blog Header

The heat is getting to us. It's relentless, topping 100 every day, and it isn't even summer yet. So, we are offering a cooling winter-themed blog header, perfect for WordPress blogs using the "Kubrick" template. It can also be used on other websites and resized to fit Minima and Etsy.

As graphic artists, we always work months ahead, anyway. By the time the real winter is here, we will be busy with spring publications. It makes for an interesting outlook, where the seasons seem to mix together and there's a definite sense of deja-vu at all times.

As always, click on the little thumbnail, then right-click and save onto your own computer.

Jun 13, 2008

Other Minima Blogs Will Be Green With Envy: Free Header

With popular vector flourishes, a cooling and subtle header perfect for Minima bloggers and others in need of a custom header to set their blog, website, or e-store apart.

This free graphic is in png format and will load like a flash on Minima Blogger blogs. Sized just right at 648 x 97 pixels.


Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and SAVE onto your own computer. Add wording (or ask us to) and voila, you are the owner of a lovely custom header.

Jun 12, 2008

Free Etsy Banner - Lace and Blossom

This free header is sized just right for Etsy at 760 x 100 pixels in the fast-loading png format, and is very crisp in black, white, and opal tones.

A very narrow silver edge makes this graphic stand out against any background, light or dark.

As always, click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save the full-sized image to your own computer. And as always, we would be glad to put your shop name and any shop tag onto the banner, free.

Jun 11, 2008

Kitty Eyes Etsy Banner

Here's a banner from a photo of one of my kitties used as the base for the banner, sized to fit Etsy and other webpages. It's 760 x 100 pixels and in png format.

This cat has pitch black guard hairs and appears black at first sight, but carries a pure white undercoat underneath. Thus, no pair of pants is safe from high-contrast cat hair.

Jun 10, 2008

Red Gooseberries

Looks like we are really into the berries this time of year.

In png format, a free header graphic for your blog or Etsy shop. I'm predicting the color family "mustard" will be very big this year. I am making a lot of mustard-colored "witch" hats for my pumpkin-headed dolls. My dolls this year are based on a very cute and retro 60's knee-hugging elf doll I found at an estate sale. The doll differs from the regular elves by having a pumpkin head with a very vintage expression. In fact, I've never quite seen another doll like it.

Enjoy! Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save onto your disk. Easy!

Jun 9, 2008

Taupe Simplicity Free Blogger Header

Just a simple 648 x 97 banner in our new favorite neutral, taupe.

This size works very well with the Blogger Minima template.

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save the larger image.

Jun 8, 2008

Free Blackberry Blogger Header

With the hot weather here, I think we have the idea of blackberries on the cobbler, over ice cream, doused with milk, and on a new free banner, perfect for any blog or website. 650 x 120 pixels in png format.

Thanks for stopping by. As usual, just click the thumbnail, then right-click the larger image and pick "Save As" to save it to your own computer.

Jun 7, 2008

Earth Tones Minima Blogger Header/Graphics

Here's an interesting 650 x 100 pixel header, suitable for many WordPress and Blogger blogs and other websites. Perfect for Blogger Minima.

Catch you next time!

As always, click on the thumbnail, then right-click the larger image and save it to your own hard drive.

Jun 6, 2008

Understated & Elegant Etsy Banner

Antique lace sets off this banner nicely.

It's 760 x 100, sized ready-to-go for an Etsy banner, usable anywhere on the web and nicely compact png format.

Taupe is a perfect neutral and I think we'll be seeing lots of it soon.

Click the thumbnail, then right-click and save the large graphic onto your own hard drive. Enjoy!

Jun 4, 2008

Etsy Banner Redo

I was very happy to hear from my fellow crafter Merrie that she would like a banner redo and wants to use a version of our "Lovely Lady" series. Merrie and I started chatting two years ago about making primitive dolls after meeting on a forum devoted to all things primitive.

From her email: "I really don't think my banner fits my direction any more. I want something that looks vintage and also something that will look very fresh for fall. I'm not listing on Etsy until then. But I don't want to go with a banner that shows one of my dolls or earrings, because I think that's too limiting. And I want that vintage graphic I found incorporated in it. Can you give it a try?"

Here's the "before" banner:

And here's the redo:

She says she loves it!

Thanks Merrie for letting us have a hand in your custom banner creation! All of us at SkullBlossom use Paint Shop Pro, by the way. We love that program!

Free Etsy Banners: Just An Old-Fashioned Grrl

Here are three banners sized just right for Etsy. They can also be used as headers or graphics elsewhere, as always.

And as always, these banners come to you free!

Hat-tip to my crafty friend Merrie for finding and sharing the lovely vintage image used in these graphics.

Fair Ladye looks quite haughty, doesn't she? And fun!

Click the thumbnail to get the full banner. Then right-click and save onto your own computer.

Jun 3, 2008

Advice: Preparing for Fall Buying Season

I feel one of the most difficult things about handcrafting is guessing how many of each item to make. As someone who sells mainly during the autumn, I have to "lay in" a stock of items. And of course, it takes a long time to craft each primitive doll I make.

I'm not sure if this will be a lucrative fall season or not. It's hard to predict. The signs say "no," in that people are worried about mortgages, gas prices, and food prices. Then again, I've noticed that my buyers buy what they want for themselves, and don't seem to care too much about the economy. But then again, this is the "worst" fall in terms of finances since I began selling online.

Luckily for me, the materials I use are mainly inexpensive. Muslin, papier-mache, and milk paints are not very expensive. But I have been wanting to place vintage glass eyes into my new pumpkin-headed and cat dolls, but...what if they don't sell? The eyes are not cheap. How many do I order, how many do I make?

I'm going to do something I have resisted. I am going to make my dolls "assembly-line" style. They will still be handcrafted, but, for example, I will form all the heads at once, paint them all at once, stuff the bodies at one go, etc and etc. I can minimize waste in this manner. I like to be thrifty with my materials, no matter if I'm selling something or not. It's just my nature to dislike waste.

I guess this is more "musing" than "advice." My best advice is to love what you make, so that even if it doesn't sell, you feel content that you've made something worthy of your own taste.

WordPress "Kubrick" Header by Seamus

Seamus weighs in with his 740 x 192 "default"-sized header for the popular Kubrick WP blog. As with all our graphics, it can be used elsewhere, of course.

Only Seamus can make daisies look eerie...!

Click the thumbnail and then right-click and save the image to your own computer.

Jun 2, 2008

Dark and Vivid Free Blogger Banners

Here are three Blogger banners/headers.

These work very well in Blogger Minima, as well as most other Blogger templates, with the exception of Dots, Sand Dollar, Tekka, and Simple II, or so goes the general thinking.

Remember that in order to place these headers in your blog, save these onto your own hard drive and then have Blogger upload them. Go to Layout ---> Template ---> Page Elements ---> Header ---> Edit ---> and upload it. Very easy, yes. Don't forget to save your changes!

You can use the "blank" header as provided, and have Blogger place your Blog Title and Description, if any, onto it. If you have a short title and/or description, I think that could work just fine.

If you alter it yourself, remember this: You will need to place an "x" on the little box that says "instead of title and description" when you are uploading it. But NEVER leave out a title and description, even if it doesn't show, because you need that for Google and other search engines to find.

Thanks for stopping by and catch you tomorrow...

Jun 1, 2008

Fresh Plaid Banners Perfect for Etsy and Blogs

These headers are especially sized for Etsy shop banners but can be used in many other places. Etsy banners are 760 x 100 pixels. These are in jpg format.

Click on the thumbnail to get to the full-sized graphic. Then right-click and save onto your computer. Save it where you can find it again easily, such as on your desktop or in a folder you create.

Hope you enjoy. Please share this site with other handcrafters!