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Jun 27, 2008

Homespun Welcome -- Free Etsy Shop Banner

It's just an Etsy sort of week! Today's free Etsy banner has a homespun feel, as if it's made of wool and cotton.

Click on the thumbnail, then right-click and save the bigger image that will appear.

Did you know...Fall 2008's "trendy colors" were picked two years ago? And that Christmas 2009's trends were chosen back in January at a giant trade show in Germany?

But...sometimes, designers and manufacturers are left scrambling because of a grassroots trend. This is where the handcrafter can really do well, since we are able to immediately create using the suddenly popular color or style. So, keep your eye out for this autumn's and winter's likely trends and be ready to incorporate them into your own designs. It can be as simple as adding trims in the "must have" color!

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came over to look from Etsy -- I am wondering, can you make an Etsy banner out of your owl blogger banner from earlier in the month? I would really love to have an owl banner for my Etsy shop -- yes I know I am a latecomer as to the owls! Thanks.

~Helen~ said...

Hello, I'll be posting a "blank" Etsy version of the groovy owl tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in!