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Sep 2, 2008

Free Halloween Graphics: Something to Crow About

Here's a version of the black feather tree I posted yesterday.

I am enjoying the ideas for Halloween graphics my readers are kind enough to offer. Please make some more suggestions! Some ideas are just grand, but beyond my modest skills, I'm afraid. I have a new drawing tablet, and the learning curve to operate it, combined with the beginning of the school year, is just exhausting. But I hope I'm able to make quite a few of the suggestions so far.

Post a suggestion on this post, too, and I'll put your name into the hat (again or for the first time) for the earrings, cake or kit. Good luck to all; my son will do the honors of drawing (since he's impartial and thinks all of this Halloween and autumn stuff is quite silly!).

I'll just warn you: I am so tired that tomorrow, the graphic is likely to be this same tree, with the crows wearing witch hats. *sigh* I'm just beat!

Right-click to save. Hope you enjoy.


Debra said...

I love the black tree! it is soo primitive!
Can you do a pumpkin with a ghost coming out of the top?
I am sorry you are so tired- hopefully- you can get some rest!
I have given your blog an award- just go to to pick it up- then pass it to 7 other blogs- you don't have to hurry with passing it on- get some rest first!

Holly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PipBerry said...

I am having trouble getting the comment to post right! Sorry! I think you ought to make some really small drawings that can fit on the side of a blog, like a mouse or a bat. I would also like to see a haunted house!!!

Nydia said...

Hi again! Thanks for your reply on my humble request! :) And thanks for the sweet words on my last post about my sister & mom.

I'll post the kitty photo right now. It's always good to come here and find something new from you! But I hope you take it easy and have some rest, pamper yourself a little...

Kisses from Nydia.

PS: I love owls and scarecrows as well, to have some smaller ones created by you to fit my side bar would be great!

mrsb said...

I was thinking maybe a few without any words on them, but with room for people to add their own?

LINDA said...

I love this crow tree!!!!
You are so sweet to even consideer suggestions. Gotta love ya for that!!!!
Mice are nice.
I would love to be considered for your giveaway. Is there no end to your kiindness?!