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Oct 30, 2008

Another Hadji Update, & A Job & Halloween Remark

Stopped by the vets' again to see Hadji, he is now very much awake and he is heartbreakingly miserable. I wonder what he thought, for me to show up and then leave again; it felt like a knife in my heart. His eyes are dilated with pain, and he was crouched in the litter box, hiding. He let me pet his little head, but when I had to go, he just looked like he was in despair. I love these vets, but their clinic is a rather dilapidated old house, and my poor Hadji was in a little cage right across from some barking dogs, argh. We have dogs here at the house, but he knows them. These were strange barking dogs, not his friend-dogs. Hadji was feral and he really only wants to be around me, my husband, and my son. Everyone else terrifies him.

The vet told me to be of good cheer, as it looks better for Hadji than it did, and that he's got a good chance, and that he will forget all this and be happy again soon. I hope this is true.

Today was my last day at work. Tomorrow was supposed to be it but they got extra-sick of me and told me to just leave. And this is after my principal tried to shake me down for books that are missing out of my class. These books were stolen (including 2 of my own and a calculator) while I was 600 MILES AWAY FOR TRAINING and she's trying to pin the blame on me. It's just a crazy-making place.

For the send-off, the kids were super mean and nuts. If I got called horrible names once, I got called names a thousand times. Told to F-off, to shut up, to go away, all the usual love, LOL. But the sweet kids there were crying, poor things. Why their parents send them to that awful place is beyond me. Now, those sweet kids, I will surely miss them and I do worry, as they have not hired another teacher in my place, but merely elevated the front office clerk into an Insty Teacher. Why? Well, fake teachers are cheaper than real ones, and also, they could not find another certified teacher in a city of 200,000 to work there. Wonder why...

As to Halloween, I really should have saved those vintage witches for the big send-off. Instead, I'll be posting something I drew, and the comparison between the vintage stuff and my own feeble attempts is painful! But it's all been done for the love of Halloween and the love of sharing with you, my readers.


Debby said...

Gosh I didn't read this post. Is Hadji a cat? Is Hadji ill? I'm so sorry. And the school thing. Why such a horrible send off? My goodness. I can tell thru your writing what a beautiful soul you are. I hope tomorrow is an exceptional day for you.

~SkullBlossom~ said...

Yes, Hadji is my littlest kitty, one of my rescues. He's very precious and is only four pounds fully grown. He had a bladder blockage and almost died and had emergency surgery. Thank you for stopping by.

Nydia said...

I'm so sorry for everything that you've been through! I'm sure Hadji will fully recover asap, and as soon as he's back home again, he'll forget what happened and warm your feet at night like a good kitty does!

About your job... You closed a cycle. Period. Maybe not in the best way for your soul, but it's over now, definitely! You do deserve something better, such a bright heart, and you'll find something better off this. Chin up, will you?