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Oct 16, 2008

Help Me Choose???

I took down my very sad post about the horrible place I work, and am putting this up, since it's a bit more positive. Try for the positive, I say...

I think I want to leave this blog up for Halloween graphics, safe and sound, and start a new blog.

OR, just change the title that displays but the address will still have that darned "skullblossom" in it and I'm afraid it might scare someone away from my winter and spring graphics...???

These are the names I have been considering. If you can help me choose, thank you.

I'm trying for a an old-fashioned type name, a combination sweet, lovely, and cute name, but not trendy.

Anything speak to you?

Merry Manor
Gillyflower Lane
From My Bower
Penniwig's (I love this one, don't know why)
Ever Merry


Stacey said...

Penniwigs seems to fit what you want in a name and it is calling for you. I always vote for the heart calls! I hope the days are very very goode for you and your family.


Sarah said...

Glad I read your post before you scrapped it. Follow your gut instinct. Don't wait until you are so far down that you can't pull yourself up. I think you can leave with your head held high.

I like the name Penniwigs. It's whimsical and different. Keep this blog going for Halloween. When I first saw the name SkullBlossom I was curious enough to check it out and have not missed a post since.

~SkullBlossom~ said...

God Bless You ladies for your comments!!! I sure needed those kind remarks before going back into that awful place...!! Haven't smiled in days, thank you!!!
Holly aka SkullBlossom

~Tammy~ said...

Go with the one YOU love!

Nydia said...

Follow your instincts, though I don't see any problem with Skullblossom nor think anyone will get scared of it when sarching the net. Much the opposite, it makes people curious. But it's clear you don't like it, so go ahead ad change it for Penniwigs, if this is the most appealing to your heart! Just don't delete this blog, could you?

Hope you feel and see things on a better side about your working place, I'm sorry for you to feel so debased about it. I an hardly know how it is. Chin up!

Kisses from Nydia.

Rosemary said...

Me again! I love Merry Manor!
Cute, but not too cute.
Penniwigs is good too, kind of Charles Dickens!!
Cheer up my dear!!

Corgidogmama~ said...

Penniwigs fits I think.

Debra said...

Holly- I have not been blooging for awhile so missed your post about work. I gather you are thinking about leaving your job.
You safety & sanity come first so if you need to leave there to keep them I certainly would!
As for the new name- I like Peeniwigs- very aristocartic sounding I think!

Mandie said...

Penniwigs is a cute name, and I agree go with your gut.


W. said...

I like Merry Manor, too, sounds elvish!

Linda said...

I like Penniwigs just due to the fact that when I went to search it (making sure it didn't have various definitions lol) there was nothing under that word. Sounds like a keeper to me :D
ps. on my feeds list it did still have the "post"... my heart goes out to you!! ((((big huge hugs & prayers!!!)))